Tania and Greg- Sydney

We were so stressed about our spiralling debt situation. Couldn't sleep, arguing with one another, cranky with our kids, it was terrible.

Within a few days of appointing MDG our phones stopped ringing which was amazing! Our phones were a huge source of stress for us because they were literally ringing 12-15 times a day each, and we knew that 'No Caller ID' was people chasing us.

The team at MDG were so empathetic and nonjudgemental of our position, and through lot's of negotiations we've now sorted our debts and finally feel free. 

Kelly - Byron Bay

As an ex-Accountant, I felt nothing but shame and guilt around my debts. 

I was too embarrassed to talk to work colleagues about it, and certainly not my parents who would've been mortified. 

Once I instructed My Debts Gone to deal with my creditors, I felt an immediate sense of relief. 

It took quite a few months to finalise negotiations, but we got there and I released over $120k in debts for around $25k and I was pinching myself.

The alternative was bankruptcy which was terrifying to me. 

Thanks guys.

Bruce- Gold Coast

I had a business go south due to health issues. As an older bloke, being in debt was not where I wanted to be. 

A friend recommended me to My Debts Gone and it was a difficult call for me to make, but I'm bloody glad I did.

They sorted everything out on my behalf without me have=ing to even speak to any of the credit card companies or banks which was fantastic.

All I can say to you if you're in debt that seems like you can't get free, is call these blokes because they know what they're doing.

Patricia and Anthony- Melbourne

I was a finance broker myself about 15 years ago, and my hubby and I over extended ourselves on some investments. When things started to get difficult, we used credit cards to keep our heads above water. Big mistake!

We thought Bankruptcy was our only option. 

Thank goodness we came across My Debts Gone because we managed to save ourselves at the eleventh hour. 

These guys know how to deal with Banks and Debt Collectors in a way that we couldn't possibly have managed ourselves. 


I only had a couple of credit cards but they got to the stage that I could pay the minimum payments any longer and then the threatening calls started. 

I was about to throw my hands up and even considered moving to the UK for a while until I had a friend send me a link to these guys at MDG.

So grateful, everything got sorted over a period of months which was great because it gave me a chance to breath and think clearly. 

Everything's cleared now and I'm debt free!